August 26, Symposium

The Rubicon Foundation’s annual Symposium is a weekend of inspiring and challenging presentations, explorations, exchanges, and discussions with an audience of 200 to 250 Northwest thinkers, artists, teachers, and organizers—the people who shape and build our communities. The presentations take place in an open-air barn on the edge of a large field.

Topics for the Symposium have included race and imprisonment, brain structure and imagination, the life and death of newspapers, social-psychological incentives to deny unsettling phenomena such as climate change, city planning in China, recent psilocybin experiments at Johns Hopkins, US drug policy, and much more. Speakers have included scientists, MacArthur and Soros Foundation fellows, and members of the Black Panther Party. Presentations are followed by audience conversations and the weekend ends with discussion over a communal dinner by a notable Seattle chef.

The Symposium welcomes a diverse crowd of people, provides ample space for conversation and contemplation, and is a temporary site for community in action.

Speakers and tickets will be announced soon!